Show me your badge

Last week I was invited by the charity to a lunch at The Shipwright Arms in London Bridge. The lunch was to say thank you to all the veterans and other people who have spent the last 18 months collecting money for the trip, come rain or shine! I met many of the veterans who are going to the Netherlands, including several who fought there during WWII. I have started a collection of photographs of the badges the men wear on their jackets. Thankfully most of the men, including James Corregan, above, are quite happy for me to take their photographs.



  1. peter sanders

    what a great blog! I’ll just learn Dutch and then have the whole picture. You are doing a very timely piece of archive work here. I’m sure you’ll get lots of interesting and behind-the-action stories whilst your away with the veterans. Good luck with the rest of the project. x

  2. Now here in Arnhem we are nearly ready to receive the ,,BIG’’ party and fine tuning now.The word is spreading around and we will give the ,,old boys’’ a great reception. On the 4 th of May, our national remembrance day 160 British WOII veterans will experience how the Dutch remember our own and their fallen comrades in arms. At 8.00 o’clock in the evening, when the party will attend a service on our national WOII cemetery there will be a national 2 min. silence. On the 5 th of May we celebrate our liberation day and in the whole of the Netherlands street party’s will take place and a lot of activity’s for children. Need only good spirits now and a hopefully the weatherman will predict a lot of sunshine ! Regards from the Netherlands

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