The heavies in victoria station

This week I popped down to Victoria Station to meet the charity who were down there with many of the veterans, many in uniform, who’ve been fund-raising for the trip for the last 18 months. Dick Goodwin, Honorary Vice-President, calls them ‘The Heavies’, as they’re so successful at raising money. They don’t hassle anyone for money, they just stand quietly and wait to be approached.

I noticed how much the public seem to enjoy seeing them and chatting to them. A man in this 30’s approached George, 89, put £20 in his bucket and said ‘Thank you for your service Sir’. It did make me wonder if we are so good at noticing and honouring older people in more everyday circumstances, but it was all incredibly touching.

Thanks to David Dimbleby, who whizzed through the station and gave one of the collectors a generous donation on his way!


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