Why are the veterans going to Holland in Black Cabs?

A lot of people have been asking me why all the veterans are going to Holland in 80 Black Cabs, rather than, say, by coach or by air. It’s a good question. When I found out about this trip, I thought there must be some greater meaning behind such an audacious idea as to take 160 WWII veterans to Holland in a convoy of Black Cabs. Perhaps it was some kind of stunt, I thought. Nothing of the sort. The trip’s been organised by a taxi charity, who’ve called on their network of Black Cab drivers, all of whom are giving their time and services for free. Black cabs are how they get around. So, thanks also to a ferry across the North Sea, a convoy of black cabs is, to the charity, a practical way to transport WWII veterans from the UK to Holland.  So all the way to Holland in Black Cabs we go!

P.S. Thanks to Ross at Junction 44 for the illustration!

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