The Brits are here! Relax! Says Jim, 89.

I’m in a convoy of more than 80 cabs, around a mile and a half long, driving through Holland. On board are 160 veterans, mostly men, some women. I’m with Jim Baker and David Evans, both 89, ex-marines. Keep trying to photograph the convoy, but difficult when you’re in it! Wonderful welcome from the Dutch this morning – media and the public – all waiting for us as we came off the ferry. People are lining the route, all ages, waving us on.

The Dutch police are brilliantly keeping the convoy together. Jim just said ‘now you’ll know why you can’t get a cab when you want one, they’re all in Holland today, doing charity work.’ It’s really wonderful.






  1. Ken bainbridge

    Hi , returned from an awe inspriring journey of delight and awakening of emotions too ? The experience from sharing time with my Veterans , Mike Illand-Royal Marines and Terence Mooney–Pilot of Hauser Glider , who prepared me for the amount of people on the streets to show appreciation for returning victors .
    The complete mileage from the start at the Union Jack Club to Harwich , excluding sailing journey , and return via A12 via Rotherhithe Tunnel came to 250 miles , some will be different I,m sure , God Bless to all who attended and have a restful Monday .
    regards Ken Bainbridge

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