Reflections on May 4th

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Today has made me realise just what an incredible job this taxi charity, in collaboration with the Market Garden Association of Holland, has done in organising this trip. Shepherding 160 guys (and a few gals) in their 80’s and 90’s is unlikely to be straightforward at the best of times. In Holland, in 80 Black Cabs, with several events and functions each day, it’s a rather different kettle of fish. Huge respect to all the cab drivers who are valiantly driving the British veterans around Holland in convoy. The veterans all feel the cab drivers deserve a medal. The cab drivers just feel honoured to be at their service. Massive respect to the Dutch police, taking their job as our escorts in their stride. They seem to have closed all the roads of Holland to allow us to drive about the place without incident. Huge thanks to the Dutch public who are lining the streets to wave the veterans on, following us on their push-bikes and motorbikes, standing with their children in the cold at night to wait for us to drive by. Very moving service – Remembrance of the Dead – this evening in Rhenen attended by the Dutch Royal family. The whole of Holland went silent for 2 minutes at 8pm.  As for the veterans, I’m filled with great respect for these men and women, some of whom are in their 95th year, for under-taking such a journey without complaint, with constant good humour and gratitude.

Many thanks to Matthew Bickerton for the photographs taken at tonight’s service.


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  1. Lenny Etheridge

    As a driver who could not make it, due to illness, I am there in spirit – following your every step, via this blog.
    Both grandfathers fought in WWI, and my father fought in WWII.
    I am humbled by everyone concerned with this trip – fantastic, absolutely fantastic!

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