The veterans return to Britain.

Just returned home from the Union Jack Club in Waterloo, where this epic trip began last Wednesday. Wonderful to see Geoff Roberts, 87, being reunited with his grand-daughter Grace. She’d been excited about seeing him all day. Many proud families out there – veterans’ children, grand-children, great and even great-great-grandchildren, and cabbies’ families too of course. The charity must be delighted by how it’s all gone.

Sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful veterans I’ve met. They’ve been so warm, such great company and so accommodating of my constant requests for information, photographs or interviews. What’s been so humbling is that they have seemed so grateful to me for being interested in them, when I’m the one who’s gained so much. They’ve seemed genuinely delighted that a ‘youngster’ is taking an interest.

Taxi convoy this morning from Arnhem to the Hook of Holland. A convoy of Black Cabs driving along an empty road in sunny Holland, Union Jack flags flying in the wind, 160 WWII veterans on board, is a sight to behold. Everyone just stopped and stared. A ferry trip, a taxi back to London (thanks Danny) and the road trip itself is over. But I think everyone who’s been involved with this trip will be thinking about it for a very long time.






  1. i had an uncle called stanley warwick poulson who was with the 1st airbourne division, he was killed september 24th i am trying to get more information ,i wandered if any of the veterans might have known him ,he was agunner and was born in cumbria,i know its a long shot but i thought i would try .thankyou

    • david hemstead

      Hi Nadine, please try worldwar2talk web site. You will find lots of help in your quest. Have as much info as you can to help the search. Dave

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