Britain’s best cabbies

I had the pleasure of sharing the return journey from Holland with Harold Padfield, 90, who rang me yesterday to tell me what a delight the trip had been. Also, that our driver Danny had gone back to the Union Jack Club the morning after we returned from Holland to pick him up and drive him all the way home to Oxford. The veterans had nothing but kind words to say about the drivers on the trip, obviously moved by everything they did for them. Not only did 80 taxi drivers give 5 days of their time and services for free to take the veterans to Holland and back, but they also went beyond the call of duty time and time again. Obviously very protective, I often heard them talk about the ‘fellas’ they were driving as ‘my veterans’. Seeing how they cared for and respected the veterans in their charge was really touching. Respect, care and charity are probably not the first things people associate with Black Cab drivers. As Jim, 89, said earlier this week – ‘if you found it hard to get a cab last weekend, they were in Holland doing charity work!’ Hurrah for Cabbies!

Thanks to Ross and Junction44 for the graphics.



  1. Our Taxi driver was a lady named Janet Ramsden,who was absolutely
    marvellous the whole of the trip, full of humour so that the miles of travel were of no consequence,if all the world were similar to her,what a wonderful world it would be, what a lovely person,so much we are in contact via the Internet
    Johnny and Tony Peters

  2. My better half was one of the cab drivers. He had a fantastc trip away with the veterans and has the utmost respect for all of them. He was also completely blown away by the respect shown by the people who turned out to welcome our veterans. They should be very proud of their hospitality.

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