‘I am a child of freedom. Thank you Mr. Veteran.’

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Watching the Jubilee celebrations in London reminds me of the last time I saw crowds out to welcome a procession of visiting British dignitaries! Then, however, the crowds were Dutch and they were out in force to welcome 160 World War II veterans in a convoy of London Black Cabs in Holland. Frans Ammerlaan from the Market Garden Foundation of The Netherlands recently sent me this collection of photographs which wonderfully capture some of the events: crowds of Dutch people welcoming the convoy, the Mayor of Arnhem Pauline Krekke giving a speech, children wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘I am a child of freedom. Thank you Mr. Veteran’, teenagers perched on window ledges watching the convoy, ‘forces sweetheart’ Kas with some of her fans, Chelsea Pensioners in their finery, veterans enjoying themselves here and there, and, most memorably, children clamouring to give the veterans presents, cakes and sweets.


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  1. Brigitte van Veggel

    Great pictures of a wonderful event. Frans,we’re still greatful that you asked us to host this party.

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