Throughout my involvement with the charity, I’ve noticed how much the veterans like to sing, and how music plays a big role in their camaraderie. I’ve also seen first hand how singing is a great way to bring the veterans closer to the public, and how much people like to hear them sing. It’s for this reason that several of my latest interventions have involved music.

My work with the charity has included several pop-up music events at the Coach and Horses public house in Soho in London, a Veterans Tea Party at the London headquarters of Ogilvy and Mather, which turned into a sing-along in the bar, and a music night in Holland, where several WWII veterans, including Danny McCrudden and Alan Reid, both in their 90’s, played a starring role on the night, singing everything from songs from WWI and WWII, to the odd Tony Bennett number. These events have all been documented using photography/video and have sometimes featured in this blog.

Over the last few years I have been gently persuading the charity to make music a greater part of their interactions with the public.  They have started to organise their own musical events, and the veterans have taken to singing during the charity’s collections in London’s train stations. The charity have even invested in a small P.A. system! I have been pleased to hear that there is a significant rise in donations during these ‘singing collections’. And quite a few teary eyes amongst rail passengers lucky enough to be passing through at the right moment…

An album would be nice…you never know…




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